Fishing (Continued)

The first loch you come to is Loch Eubhal, famous for its brown trout. Further out, following the moorland cart track, you will pass a range of lochs, some deeply peat stained and containing some of the most darkly coloured brown trout you are ever likely to see. 
Alternatively, along the road is Loch Hosta, one of the most pleasantly situated lochs in this part of the island.
 The average trout in Uist is ½ to ¾ lb, but in Hosta you can find monsters well over 5lb! Hosta fish also show surprisingly strong colour variations with those caught from the west bank, with its sandy bottom, often being a beautiful light golden colour compared to their darker brown neighbours from the other parts of the loch. 

On your way to Hosta you will have passed on your left the turning to the RSPB Reserve which takes you down to Hougharry Village. A couple of hundred yards down this road are Loch Scaraidh on the left and Loch Croghearraidh on the right.  Both are deservedly well know and Croghearraidh, in particular, contains fish well over the average size.

All the lochs above are local to the cottage but constitute only a fraction of the fishing available on the island.  It is worthwhile calling on Mr MacDonald in the Estate Office in Lochmaddy (where you get your fishing permit) who will be happy to suggest itineraries to make sure you make the best of the fantastic and unique angling Uist has to offer.