An t-Seann Dachaidh is a traditional 3-bedroomed croft house on the West side of the Island of North Uist. It is situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty.  It is approximately 18 miles from Lochmaddy along the A867 road and stands in its own grounds enclosed by a walled garden.

The island of North Uist offers superb scenery, which ranges from miles of white sandy beaches to stretches of the most rugged, rocky coastline.

It is a land of great pictorial contrasts. There are hundreds of lochs watched over by dark hills and endless stretches of the beautiful Machair pasturelands, famous for their flowers, butterflies and birds.

Everywhere there are old crofts, bearing witness to a way of life sustained largely for a millennium, but dramatically altered over the last century.

Hebridean life is dominated by the weather and the sea. The skies seem bigger than anywhere else. Great banks of cloud roll in from the Atlantic, ever changing, producing effects of light and colour of unmatched brilliance.

On a sunny day the scenery is particularly spectacular. To look over the Machair, bedecked in a myriad of vibrant wild flowers, to the pristine white sands and to the sparkling Atlantic beyond is to feel you are probably as close to heaven as mortality allows. “

Holiday Cottage North Uist, Scotland