Walking and Exploring (Continued)

And the sunsets are magnificent! Hosta Beach, as the sun sinks below the horizon is one of my favourite images of the island.

Moorland walks also abound. Often one can follow the old cart tracks almost to the centre of the island. From the central ridges, the views are spectacular with possible sightings of red deer.  A panoramic view of the island can be enjoyed by climbing Cleitreabhal, the hill to the back of the cottage. Harris and Benbecula can be seen quite clearly and sometimes Barra, Eriskay and St Kilda on a clear day.

For a spot of true antiquity, drive down to Langass Lodge, 8 miles from the cottage, and follow the path to the stone circle, Popull Fhinn or Finn’s People.  The name refers to the warrior retinue of Finn Mac Cool, hero of the Fenian tales of early Gaelic literature. From there follow the markers to the summit of Ben Langass and continue on the circular route to the chambered cairn known as Barpa Langass which dates back to the forth and third millennia. The markers will bring you back to the hotel road. It will take 2 hours.    

If you are set on more challenging exploration contact Niall Johnson in Lochmaddy at the Outdoor Centre.